For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Achieve with us.


We strive to make our community a better place. Hosting events that include our entire community help make Polk County a better place for us all to live. 

Chapter Goals

  • “What’s best for the individuals we serve” should be the focal point in all that we do
  • Immerse The Arc into Polk County into the community
  • Increase local public awareness of The Arc and persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Encourage businesses to recognize persons with disabilities within their target audience of people in the community (advertising, events, pricing plans, etc.)
  • Increase integration of individuals in their community by creating meaningful activities for them
  • Develop and maintain effective and ethical business practices
  • Ensure the fiscal component of The Arc of Polk County is self-sustainable
  • Identify additional funding sources
  • Build a strong foundation of Board members to build future endeavors upon
  • Identify and contact potential chapter members
  • Firmly establish the Arc of Polk County dances and karaoke

Chapter Activities

  • Family Support Group
  • Advisory Group Planning Meetings
  • Semi-monthly Dances & Karaoke
  • Weekly Swimming Hour
  • Monthly Activity Night

For more information about our chapter activities, please visit our Calendar page.